The Manhattan Beach Hotel in LA, California

While chilling at the Manhattan Beach hotel in preparation for going on America’s Funniest Videos I decided I wanted to discuss my basketball upbringing in DVM.  Came through the mid 70’s at Crossland High School.  Was on the first team that ever represented Crossland at the back in the day Cole Field House.  With that being said, first I want to say who I thought was the best player I ever played with or against and then I wanted to list my starting five of players I played with or against.   

The best player I ever played with was Stacy Robinson, who I had the honor of playing within Junior High School at Thomas G Pullen and then at Crossland in 1974 where we won the Regional Championship but lost in the semifinals. Before anyone blows a gasket, remember I said, who was the best player I played with. So, of course, I want your feedback on the best player you played with.  My starting five would be Archie Talley and Stacy Robinson at guard.  Lamont Reid at small forward, Garcia Hopkins at power forward and at center, the best center, best rebounder and of course the best outlet passer I ever played with, Mr. Ralph Ledbetter.  Now, let me hear your opinions and your best player and starting five.